Chapter # 1 JUST START


When I started reading it, I thought maybe it was an excerpt from the book itself since it was so well written.


Just start is something to do out of the box, something with the connection of the heart with brain, something OUTSTANDING for self as it’s something JUST START.

Just start gives immense power to push you and do something with unlimited passion and pleasure.


Yet I learned from my failures, and came to comprehend that to rule our failures is to rule our success. With each experience, the good, the bad, and even the ugly, I added tools to my toolbox.

Of course, there are times when nothing seems to be working when we don’t comprehend what is going on around us and no one trusts us enough to tell you. The ones whose actions and ideas produce positive consequences are the ones who stay in the game.


We grow when we stretch when we are willing to embrace the uncomfortable.

“Just start” is a mindset that belongs not only to the young, but to anyone who hopes to remain productive, vibrant, and relevant throughout their lives.


You may not have a crystal-clear sense of your purpose. That’s okay. It will grow with you but if you are thinking something bigger listen to that urge, follow the thread, the world needs you.


I love this book because as I am reading I am feeling it is the best gift someone ever gifted me. The book’s learning is explaining to me, my life so I can say that it is the best book for me.

Obliged for the splendid gift.


Chapter # 2 Redefine Success

We are the system; we decide how to define success, like Everlyne in this chapter. She was born in a conservative village, where girls are not allowed to go to school. But her father has a different point of view and he set a different definition of success for all the people of the village by sending her daughter to school and then she makes him feel proud by her performance.

Ankitagarwal set up a company named “Phool” to clean up the Ganges by hiring the women of scavenger cast. Benje William has established a platform (Amalacademy)to fill the gap of Pakistani youngster’s academic and professional lives. He thought education is all about developing character and critical thinking.

In a nutshell, success is not about money, power, and fame. It’s about giving more to the world than you take from it.

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