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Best Rakhi tied over your brother’s Wrist & Give him lots of love

Confused about which Rakhi to buy for your dear brother? Thinking about selecting the best ever Rakhi design for your brother? Wondering how to tie all your love and care onto your brother’s wrist? Check out our amazing collection of Rakhi designs and get them delivered through express Rakhi delivery in your town! Collect all the ideas for a delightful Rakhi celebration and enjoy the festival along with an array of creative and gorgeous Rakhi designs for your brother. 

Rakhi with Auspicious symbol

The market is flooded with Rakhis that have auspicious symbols such as the symbol for Om or the Trinity on it. Although it is an old design yet people go for this traditional Rakhi as it is a part of the Rakhi ritual and people prefer buying different shapes and designs of Rakhi with this particular symbol on it as it is considered to be a good sign for the person on whose wrist the Rakhi would be tied on.

Peacock style Rakhi

In Indian culture, the peacock is considered to be highly important because of its association with Lord Krishna. Its charm is such that it is found in every festival that we celebrate. We often make peacock style rangoli during festivals also we get peacock style mehndi printed on hand. So why not choose a pretty peacock style Rakhi as well. These will surely be charming and beautiful and would look amazing on your brother’s wrist. 

Floral Rakhi designs

Flowers can always be incorporated into our celebrations; you can choose a beautiful floral Rakhi design for your brother. They will give a stunning appearance to your brother’s wrist. You can choose floral designs of metal or in fabric or you can choose a real flower for the Rakhi that you will be choosing for your brother. You can also choose to make artificial and attractive flowers by folding coloured papers or origami sheets into various patterns and making a paper flower out of it. 

Rakhi with precious stone

It is not daily that we celebrate the festival of Rakhi since we have only one day to express love to our brother. We shall be willing to pay less heed to the amount of money being spent on the Rakhi and focus more on getting the best ever rakhi for best brothers. So you can choose to get rakhi designs that have special stones in them such as Emerald. You can easily get these rakhis in the market or buy rakhis online and get them delivered to you. 

Rakhi with beads designs

You can choose a Rakhi with lots of beads in them whether a combination of large and small beads for having a gift. You may choose only small or only big beads for the Rakhi. This would definitely look magnificent because of the colour of the beads that are being used in them and to make it slightly more different; you can add ghungroos to them. If not much then at least two or three; so that they can make some sound and remind your brother of your love and the promise that they gave to you. 

Handmade Rakhi Designs

The charm of a handmade gift is unmatched; there can be nothing more beautiful than a handmade rakhi on a special occasion. After all, your Rakhi would be a replication of your love towards your brother! So you can do some effort to browse in through some DIY videos and prepare a lovely Rakhi all by yourself. You can also make use of your old clothes to make a beautiful Rakhi; in this way, you will be contributing towards having a judicious and sustainable festive celebration. You can also encourage your friends to do so. 

Cartoon Rakhi designs

This one can be purchased for the little kid who would love to see their favourite cartoon characters on their Rakhi; you can easily get a creative cartoon Rakhi in the market and bring a huge smile to your little cousin’s face by tying him a cartoon Rakhi. Your little brother would surely love it. There is a huge variety of creative Rakhis available in the market. You can spot a Chhota bheem rakhi, super man rakhi, doraemon rakhi, shinchan rakhi, barbie doll rakhi, peppa pig rakhi etc. Apart from this you can also find a little toy car, toy aeroplane or toy bike Rakhi for kids. Choosing such Rakhis would bring more delights to the festive ambience in your house. 

Personalised Rakhi designs 

Instead of purchasing a regular old Rakhi design for your brother, you can choose to mould your Rakhi as per the modern trend and select a specially customised rakhi for your brother in order to make the festival more delightful. After all, personalised gift items have become the latest trend these days and they are admired by both sender and the receiver. You too can try customizing your rakhi and rakhi gifts as well. The Rakhi can have a picture of your brother or you two on it. Thus, reminding him of the happy moments spent with you and making the Rakhi look more beautiful. 

Ganesha Rakhi designs

Lord Ganesha has been regarded as the Vighnaharta which means he takes away all the difficulties from our life. So if you want to wish peaceful life to your brother and lots of success to him; then you can choose a beautiful Rakhi with a design related to Lord Ganesha on it whether it is the whole body of the Ganesha or just his face along with the tusk. This Rakhi is are very much in trend and can easily be purchased. You can send Rakhi to Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow or any part of the country

These were some of the best suggestions for choosing an innovative and alluring thread of love for your brother. Find many more such creative ideas for varying Rakhi designs and receive a charming and magnificent Rakhi at your home with the help of same day Rakhi delivery. Choose the best Rakhi for your brother and have a great celebration ahead!


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