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Women Issues – You cannot shut me up anymore

8 March is a day to throw light on women and their issues. We can all choose this day to talk about women’s achievement, the way they perform their duties from home to office. The way they try so hard to make a place in a society where they are treated as something weak and powerless. Women alone cannot bring any change but all together they can turn things upside down. All we need a woman supporting another woman who can make a strong version of us. We do not celebrate this day to make women strong; they already are, this is just to change women’s perception in the eyes of the world. Women are not just a symbol of beauty; they are a symbol of strength, courage, and smartness.

There is no limit to define women’s power, that is infinite and no one in this world can measure that. To be a strong woman we do not need a comparison with men. There is no comparison between both genders. They can support each other to rise instead of wasting time in the race of leaving behind one another.

Being living in developing countries like Pakistan and India you have to fight for your rights. Otherwise, society will do every effort to make you feel like a useless object. An object that best fits in the kitchen, by making you forget yourself and to transform you according to their needs and perception. Islam has already given women their rights, their right to live life to the fullest but the mentality of this society will never let us live. They will destroy your mental peace to make you sick. To make you bound to the home and to stop you from getting an education and pursuing a career of your choice.

The reason we celebrate women’s day is not less than a need to get our rights in a manmade society. A society where a woman is just an object to fulfill needs and implement your thoughts and they try to keep their mouths shut to suppress them to feel like a king.

Women just want their rights and to spend a restriction-free contented life but the society where men want to lead women either home or office, as a wife or employee, cannot bear women’s success without their support. Being women- is itself the toughest task, to survive in a society where men try to make them feel low, where women have to hide their pregnant belly from the fear of losing their job to the part of the family where they treat them not less than a full-time maid it is very hard for a woman to survive.

Restrictions we face as Asian women

  • Cannot do Dressing of their own choice
  • Cannot choose a job they love
  • Not allowed to get higher education
  • Not have freedom of going outside alone
  • Cannot be independent
  • Have to be obedient to parents and partners up to a level of self-harm

A strong woman knows who she is

  • She considers who she is and what she wants for herself
  • She appreciates her strength and uses those strengths to achieve her dreams
  • She follows her dreams
  • She never allows anyone to harm her mentally and physically
  • She can stand up for herself
  • She allows herself to bring fun to life and stays happy
  • She tries to stay away from societal negativity about women to protect her from mental illness and tries to prove herself
  • She meets challenges and fulfills them
  • She practices being resilient
  • Even in hard times, she does not lose hope and try to face every problem and hurdle with confidence

Never allow anyone to let you down for any reason just because you’re a female. You are worthy of getting respect and love. You are not less than anyone based on gender. You are allowed to choose what you think is best for you either education or any other decision. You should never give anyone else ownership of your body; you are the one who can think best for yourself. Never allow gender discrimination to destroy your mental health and your future. Choose what is best for you. You are worthy of love, you are worthy of respect. You are the one who makes society strong.

By Moazma Masood



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  • It is so strengthening Moazma.. keep writing such content..Its so encouraging.. lit💞❤😍

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