Have you at any point experienced an error while setting up a bank takes care of in QuickBooks where you get a startling Bank Feeds Setup Error OLSU-1011 that shows an error message “A surprising error happened. The marking and profile servers couldn’t be gotten to. Click Cancel to cease arrangement and afterward retry setting up the account for online services once more. Error message number: [OLSU-1013] If the issue continues, call QuickBooks Support and give the error message number over.” This article will control you through the means of eliminating Bank Feeds Setup Error OLSU-1011  from QuickBooks. 

What are the Causes of Bank Feed Set up Error OLSU 1011

A few reasons influence QuickBooks and trigger OLSU 1011error, some of them are identified with the client’s monetary organization though others are identified with the QuickBooks company file. Down beneath we have recorded all the reasons that trigger QuickBooks web based banking error OLSU 1013. 

  • Your banking data isn’t updated with the FIDIR (Financial Institution Directory). 
  • Bad or harmed company files likewise cause this error. 
  • You are utilizing QuickBooks in Classic or Register mode. 

You may have to follow a progression of investigating steps to eliminate error message OLSU 1011from QuickBooks. We recommend you to follow each investigating steps in the provided request for a brisk arrangement. 

Investigating Steps to Fix QuickBooks Bank Feeds Setup Error OLSU-1011 

Investigating Step 1: Set the Default Accounts in Company and Personal Options 

  • Open QuickBooks application and open your company file utilizing the Administrator account. 
  • Now from the File tab click Single User Mode. 
  • Click Preferences under the Edit tab and click Checking. 
  • Under the My Preferences tab select the Default accounts for each alternative. 
  • Now under the Company Preferences tab select Default accounts for Pay Payroll Liabilities and Create Paychecks alternatives. 
  • Click OK and take a stab at setting up the bank feed in QuickBooks by and by. 
  • In the event that issue persists, follow the next investigating step. 

Investigating Step 2: Update your (FiDIR) Financial Institutions Directory 

  • Open QuickBooks, under the Banking tab click Bank Feeds, and select Bank Feeds Center. 
  • Starting from the drop menu, click Sync for this bank. 

Investigating Step 3: Switch QuickBooks to Express Mode 

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and under the Edit tab click Preferences. 
  • From the left click Checking and select the Company Preferences tab. 
  • Now under the Bank Feeds segment select Express Mode. 


On the off chance that the issue perseveres, you can generally contact us at our QuickBooks Customer Support Number . Once in a while Error OLSU 1011additionally emerges due to some issue with the banking servers, so it is consistently a smart thought to contact your bank at whatever point you face such kinds of errors to confirm if the difficult you are looking with QuickBooks is a result of something on your bank’s end.


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