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Finding the Best Tutoring Service for Your Child

If the school your child studies in suggests hiring a private tutor or if your family has concluded that a private tutor would be beneficial for your child, the first question you have in mind would be, “how exactly do we find one?”

With the tutoring industry constantly growing, there has been a significant increase in the number of private instructors in the past decade, each with their unique teaching techniques, learning philosophies, and area of expertise.

With plenty of committed tutors available, choosing the best tutor can seem challenging. As parents, your responsibility is to identify someone who best suits your child’s learning style and personality.

Some essential factors to consider while finding a professional tutoring service:


Tutors own a variety of degrees, certifications, and credentials. While they must have a solid background in introductory courses like English, history, mathematics, science, and world languages, you need to find someone specializing in the subjects on which your child needs to focus.

Specialization degrees and being an expert in a particular area does not necessarily make one a good tutor. Equally significant, if not more, is the teaching methodology and background.  Specializations, however, are appreciated, but it is not ideal to evaluate a tutor based only on the degree they hold.

Be on the lookout for candidates with education-related certifications- like degrees in teaching or certificates in tutoring programs. Certificates from respected tutor training groups like the American Tutoring Association, Association for Tutoring Professionals, or the National Tutoring Association are a few.

Overall experience

Specialization in a subject doesn’t mean that a tutor would teach it how a child can understand. The ability to explain concepts without making it intimidating or confusing to the child comes only with years of tutoring experience.

So when you are searching for a tutor, be on the lookout for potential candidates experienced in one-to-one teaching and not just the ones who are experts in their respective fields. The tutor should also be someone who has worked with students in your child’s age group. Parents of children with learning weaknesses or special abilities should hire tutors who have experience working with students with that particular eccentricity.


A student’s struggle with a particular subject comes from the anxiety caused by a disinteresting classroom setting or a dispassionate teacher.

Link your child with a private tutor they are happy to be around. An approachable tutor would re-spark their passion for learning and help bring down negative connections with school or a specific subject. Your child’s private tutor should be able to break down complicated topics without being intimidating and should motivate your child to do their best.

Patience and pacing

Every tutor should be patient as everyone learns differently and at their own pace. Understanding this helps create a better student/ tutor relationship. If the student feels intimidated by the tutor, they will hold back.

Passion for learning

As much as a student picks up on the tutor’s boredom and disinterest, genuine passion and enthusiasm for a subject can be contagious. A passionate teacher will know to present any topic, so it grabs the student’s attention. The parent and student must understand the tutor’s fascination for teaching from the energy in their sessions and their lessons. 

Support system for learning

A motivational and encouraging tutor makes a massive difference as actions and words can make or break a student. A tutor helps a student not just with a particular subject. They also help nurture creativity, develop potential, and support the students in achieving their goals.

Growth mindset

Find a tutor who wishes to foster a growth mindset in students. To achieve this goal, you want a tutor who helps students believe in themselves and help grow their potential through commitment and hard work. Tutors have the critical responsibility to foster the crucial, curious, and spirited minds of their students, and a growth mindset establishes a passion for learning.


Even with the best tutor available, your child will be unable to utilize their sessions effectively if their lessons clash with your family time. After a long day at school or soccer practice, a student will not be open to learning for long hours; this becomes counterproductive and does not bring in progress in education due to constant cancellation of sessions because of scheduling conflicts.

To ease things for you and your child, look for a tutor who can stop by your home or meet up locally to stay away from making round-trip drives for each session. Sessions can happen at home in the presence of an adult, at a library, or in a mutually suitable public location.

A reputable tutoring service like Miles Smart Tutoring can have a solid enduring effect on students’ academic performance and their work-study habits, behavioral and social skills, and capability to organize their learning. You as a guardian must invest time and do some research to find the best tutor for your child’s needs, but it’s crucial and rewarding to see a cooperative mentor for your child’s journey of constant learning. Visit to find the best private tutor.


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