Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities to visit and also one of the top tourist destinations. Each year millions of travelers come to Dubai and have a memorable time. There are hundreds of amazing cities to visit, but what makes Dubai special is the number of fun activities one can participate in.

Yacht charter is a term that defines the process of renting a motor yacht and traveling to various coastal or island destinations. Yacht charter services are usually a vacation event but can easily be a corporate event too.

Why go on Luxury Yacht Tour

Suppose you want to enjoy the calm blue waters surrounding Dubai truly, then the best way to do it is to go for a ride on a luxury yacht. The trend of sightseeing over yacht and cruise ship tours has increased tremendously over the past few years in Dubai.

There are many travel companies and activity clubs that offer luxury yacht charter in Dubai. If you want to embark on an enchanting trip, then you should charter a yacht. There will be a courteous crew to welcome you, and a professional captain will steer the yacht.

The modern yachts are complete engineering marvels with exotic features and make you feel like entering a luxurious resort. The yacht features a couple of decks with abundant amenities and exquisite décor. Some of the bigger yachts even feature a pool where travelers and tourists can relax in the day or watch the setting sun.

The yacht features multiple lounging areas where you or your family or group of friends can sit and relax and enjoy the ride. There is also a large barbecue area and a separate kitchen area where chefs can prepare their favorite meal on demand.

The chefs are quite professional and have experience making breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals from various popular cuisines. The chefs can serve occasional snacks as well. The goal of a chef is to make healthy and sumptuous meals.  Some of the new luxury yachts also have a kitchen equipped with pizza, rotisseries, and teppanyaki oven.

The amenities available in the luxury yacht also include a television screen and a music surround system. Few of the most luxurious yachts also offer facilities such as a spa, saloon, and Movie Theater. Apart from the sightseeing, some of the yacht tours also allow travelers to drop on an island and walk for a little while.

Two of the most Luxurious Yachts Tour you can take in Dubai

There are also many different kinds of tools for water activities, such as jet skis, paddle boats, and kayaks in luxury yacht charter in Dubai. Two of the most luxurious yachts you can book in Dubai include the ‘Lotus 220’ and ‘Desert Rose 155’.

The details and amazing features in the award-winning ‘Lotus 220’ are

  • The yacht was built in 2017 and measure up to 67 meters in length
  • The yacht is managed by 40 crew members
  • There are 5 big decks, and the total area is estimated to be 30,000 square feet
  • The guest capacity in the day time is 500
  • There is a professional AV (Audio/Visual) system
  • Professional dancers light up the dance floor at night with the music playing loud
  • Wide selection of exotic meals from numerous worldwide cuisines and exclusive beverage bar
  • More than 20 large screen televisions
  • 6 Jacuzzis
  • A 3500 square feet saloon that can accommodate 200 people
  • Cinema room that fits 60 people and features 4k projector and Dolby Surround Sound
  • Separate lounge and dance floors
  • 9 guest bedroom and 9 crew bedrooms

The Lotus Luxury yacht offer cruise tours every Friday and Saturday; some of the information you need to know about the tour is

  • The boarding starts from 1 PM to 2 PM from pier 7 at Dubai Marina Mall
  • The yacht sails to JBR beach, from where you can participate in water sports activities such as jet skis or even swim. The yacht stays at JPR from 3 to 4 PM
  • The yacht sails to Atlantis island and then back to JBR at 5:30 PM
  • The yacht will return to Marina Mall at 7 PM
  • You will get to see the beautiful Dubai skyline as the yacht will cruise along JBR Beach, Atlantis Island, and Palm Islands
  • The amenities included in the tour are
    • Wide selection of drinks from the beverage bar
    • Wide range of meal offerings from salads, desserts, sushi, and BBQ
    • Cinema movies for children
    • Topdeck DJ (Disk Jockey)
    • On-board swimming pool and Jacuzzi

The details and amazing features in the ‘Desert Rose 155’ include

  • You can charter the yacht for a particular event such as a birthday party, engagement party, or anniversary
  • The yacht can accommodate 250 guests at a time
  • You can arrange both formal and informal events such as corporate events, New Year party, birthdays, and anniversaries
  • The yacht features many luxury options for you and your loved ones to have a wonderful time
  • The yacht offers wide decks, spacious cabins, and delicious food

Covid-19 Precautions to Follow

With the luxury yacht on offer, you can break away from the hustle and bustle of city life because Dubai is quite a populated city.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, you need to follow the protocols and precautions to prevent the virus spread. Some of the Coronavirus measures you need to consider and perform include

  • Wearing face masks at all time, particularly when embarking and getting off the cruise
  • Sanitize hands when handling equipment and gear for performing various activities
  • Maintaining social distance when aboard the yacht


The best thing about going for a yacht tour is that you get to break away from the crowded malls and into the open. You can get a spectacular view of the Dubai skyline with all the skyscrapers and a desert to one side.

The luxury yachts have loads of space, and you can easily host 40 to 50 people for your event. You can stop and go for a swim or Jet Ski. You can enjoy the setting sun and dine with your family and friends. The cruise tour is for 2 hours in which you can also visit Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis Island.

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