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Reasons To Buy Your Child A Wooden Toy Chest

Shortly after a child is born, the house seems to get smaller. Those little packages start to have so many “things”. It seems hard to believe how such a small person can have so many belongings that they take up space. As the child grows it becomes another problem … toys!


Children receive toys for birthdays, Christmas, rewards … the list goes on. Soon the room is filled with toys. A wooden toy box or wooden toy chest will help with the “toy mess.” There are many styles of toy boxes on the market. There are plastic toy boxes and then there are wooden toy boxes.


If you are looking for a toy box or toy chest that has strength and is made of quality, a wooden toy box or wooden toy chest is your best option.


Wooden toy boxes are made with children in mind. Safety is a number one priority. The ones that I think are the best on the market are made of solid wood and the hinges will never allow the lid to fall off no matter what position it is in. To close the wooden toy box, you must PULL down. Also, they are not airtight, so if a child crawls inside, they are not in danger. The best wooden toy boxes are made to withstand all the abuse a child can give. They are safe, robust and waterproof.


If you want to personalize the wooden toy box or wooden toy chest, you can personalize it with your child’s name using wooden letters. This will also help the child learn to spell her name by seeing it every day. Also, by having a wooden toy box or wooden toy chest, a very young child can be taught the responsibility of learning to care for his toys by putting them out before nap or bedtime.


Children don’t stay small for long and a wooden toy box can grow with your child too. A wooden toy box or wooden toy chest can be restored to any decor and can range from storing toys to storing whatever your teen wants to keep. Later, during the “empty nest” part of life, a wooden toy box can be used for storage. Of course, there will be a wooden toy box or wooden toy chest when the grandchildren come home to play. A plastic and wooden toy box will not be able to have that kind of resistance.

Wooden toys are one of the best alternatives to the large number of toys made of plastic and other synthetic materials that you can find in all toy stores.


In addition, most of the wooden toys for children are made by hand. This makes them look wonderful. Not only are they great toys for children, but they are also amazing works of art.

Wooden toys in the past

People began to worry about making toys for their children many thousands of years ago in order to keep the children busy while the parents worked.

Because modern materials such as plastic and rubber had not yet been discovered, the only material available to use in creating children’s toys was wood.

Although rudimentary at first, wooden children’s toys became very popular with children from wealthy families in Egypt and the Roman Empire.

One such case was that of a ten-year-old girl from a wealthy Roman family. She was mummified and buried in her grave along with her dearest things.

One of her personal items that she found was a wonderful wooden toy doll. It was carved and varnished with great care, showing that parents in the Roman Empire were concerned about the quality of the wooden toys they choose for their children.

It is not known whether materials other than wood were used to make toys in that period.

Wooden toys in the present

Today, toy manufacturing is a huge industry. Although wood is no longer the main material used to make children’s toys, children’s wooden toys are still very popular.

Wooden stables and wooden horse stables, cattle pens and horse shelters are unique with doors that open, chains that open and close. Wooden farm toys are also numerous, from tractors, hay wagons, balers with bright yellow straw bales, and green hay bales.


What kid wouldn’t want to have a bale lift that has a working crank to put the bales into the old hay mower in a hipped barn built by the Amish? There are mini barns, ranch barns, A-frame barns, and hipped roof barns to choose from.


For the little rancher who loves horses, there are horse stables to choose from or a horse shelter that will keep them dry when the rain or snow falls. There are also large livestock pens with many separate pens to keep animals cornered. Of course, if space is an issue, a small corral is available for the little rancher to keep his horses under surveillance.


Many people want to give “quantity” of toys, but we emphasize the quality of the toys. Some of these farm toys make a great toy that can be combined for a gift for a pair of siblings. Memories will be built, imagination will run wild, and a toy that can be passed on to another generation. Wooden toy stables, horse stables, cattle pens and wooden farm toys will make the little farmer / rancher in your family feel like a “great person” while doing “his job”.


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